Why join the Register of Playwork Professionals?

Registered member Ashley Rodgers

With the Register now officially live, having launched at the KIDS Hayward Adventure Playground in Islington, we spoke with Ashley Rodgers, Senior Development Officer at Play England to find out why he decided to join the Register of Playwork Professionals.

Ashley wanted to be part of something that not only benefits himself, but also drives forward the professionalisation of the Playwork sector. He strongly believes that “playworkers deserve recognition for the excellent and crucial part they play in children’s development and lives.”

When talking about the Register, Ashley firmly believes and encourages that people should most certainly join, as it’s important to “help professionalise the Playwork profession and gain formal recognition of your qualifications for future employers.” 

We also asked Ashley what he felt the benefits of being on the Register were and how it can help in the future.

Ashley said, “My Playwork qualifications are formally recognised and any future employers can have confidence that I have the qualification I say I have! I look forward to having the opportunity to link up with other people in the sector and share experiences and good practice.”

And finally we asked how he thinks the Register can help parents and give them peace of mind when it comes to their children. 

“Parents can have even more confidence in play settings across the UK, knowing that staff are qualified to provide the best play opportunities and care for their children.”

If you know anyone that may like to join the Register then please do help us spread the message, as we strongly believe that it is important to professionalise our industry.


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