Playworkers at Glastonbury!

glasto kidz field

Our very own Lesli Godfrey, UK Strategic Lead for Playwork and the Children’s Workforce, has spent the past week down on Worthy Farm soaking up the action at one of the world’s favourite festivals Glastonbury

Whilst the festival is best known for its exciting line up of contemporary music there was also whole array of different events happening from dance and comedy right through to craft making and poetry.

Some people may think that one of the world’s largest festivals isn’t exactly the most ideal place to bring children but they couldn’t be more wrong! Lesli spent the week in the Kidz Field of the festival brushing up her playwork skills, and contributing to the play opportunities offered by Meynell Games.

Lesli says, “I had an excellent time at Glastonbury this year – probably the best ever – I learnt a lot working on the Kidz Field as well as getting a great workout walking from stage to stage, seeing some amazing bands”.

The Kidz Field represents the original ethos of Glastonbury, keeping the Utopian spirit alive and believes in the magic of sharing and play. It was certainly a place of wonder for many young festival goers! With a huge variety of activities including castles and aliens, bubbles and clowns, explosions, magicians, stuntmen and technicolor nuns, there was plenty to do and no one’s spirits seemed to be dampened even when the rain came down! Luckily though this didn’t last too long and by the time the weekend was in full swing there wasn’t a welly in sight!

glasto no wellies

Celebrating difference and diversity, the Kidz Field wholeheartedly embraces Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which asserts the right of every child to rest, leisure and play, to enjoy recreational activities appropriate to their age and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.

kidz field - glastonbury

We hope everyone down at the Kidz Field had a fantastic time and made some great memories!

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