Lesli Godfrey featured in ‘London Play Wire’

Earlier this month, our very own Lesli Godfrey, UK Strategic Lead for Playwork and the Children’s Workforce, was featured in London Play’s monthly E-Newsletter ‘London Play Wire’. She discussed why now is the right time to raise the profile of the playwork profession.

In case you didn’t get a chance to read it here’s what she had to say on the matter:

As you may know, SkillsActive is working with key organisations in the play world to establish a Register of Playwork Professionals for launch in October this year. In the longer term, the aim is to gain public and government recognition for the importance of playwork through the demonstration of our commitment to a professional approach to our work with children and young people. Playworkers will become members through their achievement of a practice-based, recognised playwork qualification and maintain their membership by engaging in a wide range of continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities, including training, conferences, workshops and reading.

Given the current economic climate, local authority cuts and strains on voluntary groups, you may think that this is not the best time to be asking playworkers to pay out a membership fee to support such a long term aim. My feeling is that this is exactly the right time; we have received funding from the current government, through the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) to kick start the register when previous administrations were reluctant to invest, and so more than ever, we need to raise our profile and demonstrate our worth, to ensure that playworkers and play services are valued for their unique contribution to children’s lives.

To this end, the Playwork Register is offering a free one-year membership and a wide range of discounts and benefits to encourage playworkers to join the pilot. The register will enable us to show government and their servants that our approach to children’s play is as professional and as important as any other role in the children’s workforce. To join, have a scanned image or photo of your qualification to hand and visit http://www.playworkregister.org/.

For more information about the playwork sector please visit the SkillsActive website. Or why not check us out on Facebook and Twitter to stay connected to all the latest playwork industry news and information.  


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