The Register of Playwork Professionals welcome’s Playday 2013



The Register of Playwork Professionals is proud to support Playday 2013

We know August may seem like a summer’s dream away from now, but it’s just around the corner. August for us Playworkers means one thing….. Playday!

Playday is the national day for play and this year Playday will be held on the 7th August. Now in its 26th year, Playday is the biggest play sector event in the UK! As well as being a celebration of play, the Playday campaign highlights the importance of play in children’s lives and in light of government cuts to the play industry, it is more crucial than ever that we unite to stand up for play!

Each year Playday has a set theme, this year’s theme will be Playful Places.

The Playday campaign this year is asking everyone to help ensure that the places where children play and hang out are great places to play.

The campaign identifies that:

  • Children should feel welcomed and part of their community
  • Parents want their children to be able to play outside
  • Public space should be designed and managed with children’s play in mind
  • Children and young people need to be involved in planning the places and spaces where they play.

It’s really easy to get involved and celebrate Playday and it really doesn’t matter if your plans are big or small. What matters is the fact that children get the chance to just go out and play. If we can show how important play is for children, we have a better chance of gaining recognition by government for play.

There are so many different ways you can be involved in this great event, so why not try to

  • Provide play in a completely different environment
  • Put up some marquees wherever you’re hosting your event, providing shelter from wind and rain or if it’s really hot they may come in handy hiding from that midday sun!
  • (If you have one) use your local play bus as an attraction.  

However, if you can’t imagine yourself holding a community-wide event then don’t worry about it. Playday offer some great ideas of how to celebrate on a budget:

Blankets + chairs = great for making tents and dens

Water + washing-up liquid + tarpaulin = homemade water slide madness!

Water balloons + super soaker water guns = the great neighbourhood water fight!

Large piece of rope = a tug-of-war challenge

Bags of sand + buckets = who says the beach can’t come to you?

Hula hoops + skipping ropes + balls = always a child pleaser

Picnic treats = food to fuel creative energy

Remember to stay safe and don’t forget the kids!

If you are planning a community event then don’t forget to check out the Playday website, where they offer great step-by-step advice on a range of topics including funding and how to get publicity for your event.

So whether you’ve got kids, you work with kids, or perhaps just a big kid yourself, Playday needs your support! Are you coming out to play?

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